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Autor Subiect: A World Without Walls  (Citit de 1784 ori)
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Call for Applications


Is diplomacy a viable tool of statecraft in the Mediterranean?
What is the role of religion in shaping the relations between Mediterranean countries?
What potential actors and opportunities can be identified as stakeholders of peace in the Mediterranean region?

“A World without Walls 2011” - “Promoting Peace and Stability in the Mediterranean: An International Peacebuilding Congress”
(Barcelona, International Conference, September 22nd - 25th, 2011 - Held Parallel to “La Merce Festival 2011”)

To apply please visit:

“Cultural Diplomacy in the Mediterranean” - A Forum for Young Leaders
(Weeklong Seminar: Barcelona, September 22nd – 28th, 2011 – Held Parallel to “La Merce Festival 2011”)
**Participants of the forthcoming CDM weeklong seminar will take part in the International Conference “A World Without Walls 2011” (Barcelona, 22nd – 25th, 2011)

To apply please visit:

A World without Walls is a global conference held annually by the Institute for Cultural Diplomacy and other leading international organizations. Its aim is to reflect on the changing nature of international relations since the fall of the Berlin Wall, and to consider the implications of these changes for peace building and stability in different regions of the world. The 2011 conference will focus the attention of the international community on the importance of strengthening intercultural relations within the Mediterranean region. It will bring together world's leading experts in politics, diplomacy, peace & conflict, academia, and civil society, for a four-day program of lectures and discussions.

Some of the topics to be covered at the conference will include:
Israel-Palestine (Focus: Plausibility of a two-State Solution, Global Context, Third Party Interventions)
Israel and its Neighbors (Focus: Relations between Israel, Egypt, Lebanon and Syria)
Cyprus (Focus: Greek-Turkish Relations, EU Membership, Local Initiatives, Recent Developments)
Syria and Lebanon (Focus: Syrian Lebanese Relations, The “Arab Spring”, Relations between Ethnic and Religious Groups, Iran-Hezbollah-Hamas)
Egypt, Lybia and Tunisia (Focus: The “Arab Spring”, Relations between Ethnic and Religious Groups, Al Qaeda, Relationship with Europe)
Algeria (Focus: A History of Conflict and Division)
Balkans (Focus: Peace Building Initiatives, Kosovar Independence, the International Criminal Court)
Greek-Albanian Relations (Focus: Recent Developments, Immigration)
Migration from Africa to Europe (Focus: Illegal Immigration and Repatriation, Integration of the African Diaspora)
EU Expansion (Focus: The EU Boundary, EU Neighborhood policy, EU Membership Process, Turkish Membership)
Climate Change (Focus: Desertification, Rising  Sea levels, Regional Cooperation, Energy Policies)

Please address any additional queries to info@culturaldiplomacy.org 

We look forward to seeing you in Barcelona.
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